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Westside Detail is your local auto detailer in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in bringing your auto, car, truck, motorcycle, work vehicle, fleet, ect... paint and body back to a pristine shine and sparkle. Give us a call or drop by for an estimate.
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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Service Includes:

  • Exterior Paint Ceramic Coating Application
  • Certified Ceramic Coating Dealer

Schedule a ceramic coating service today. Our skilled team will perform a thorough service on your car, motorcycle, pick-up, truck, SUV, sports car, luxury car, import, supercar, ect… Ceramic coating is a complex multi-stage process, but has a way more durable protection and offers a better protection from scratches, swirl marks, dust and rust. Get more life on your paint.

Stop by for a quote or give us a call at 503-297-3252 for availability and scheduling.