Westside Detail | Car and Auto Paint Repair Service Portland, Oregon | Westside Detail
Westside Detail is your local auto detailer in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in bringing your auto, car, truck, motorcycle, work vehicle, fleet, ect... paint and body back to a pristine shine and sparkle. Give us a call or drop by for an estimate.
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Paint Repair

Paint Repair Service Includes:

  • Paint Repair

Schedule a paint repair service today. Our skilled team will perform a thorough service on your car, motorcycle, pick-up, truck, SUV, sports car, luxury car, import, supercar, ect… We specialize in bumper repair and paint and use the latest in equipment and procedures to ensure the look, durability, and flexibility match the original. Most of the time, we can complete the repairs and have you back in your vehicle the same day.

Stop by for a quote or give us a call at 503-297-3252 for availability and scheduling.